Pandora`s Box
It was a near perfect afternoon. It rained the entire day. Not a depressing heavy downpour, but tiny, glistening drops, dancing in the wind. The air had that "rain" scent to it. Four of us friends got together after a long time to catch up and have lunch at a nice, cozy little restaurant called KC (short for kitchen cuisine) Grill.

I love coming here. You walk up a flight of wooden steps...

It was unusually deserted, that meant  having the entire place to ourselves.

And if you choose to sit outside, it's almost like being in a tree house....
Isn't the smell of freshly baked bread the best in the world? Call me a glutton, but the best part of dining out for me is that delicious, crusty warm bread accompanied by soft butter. 
More importantly, it seems we’re all nicer people when a bread basket is on the table. Carefully eating our share, and ALWAYS leaving the last piece for someone else.
We shared the warm breadbasket of tiny little melt in your mouth croissants and a variety of breads. Tutting at pats of butter but spreading it generously anyway amidst giggles. 

Another thing designed to be shared is of course, Fondue.
 We'd never tried it before at this place, but still, the 3 of us decided to risk it except "B" that is."B" went with an old staple that she always orders around here.
 I'm sure everyone has a "B" in their life. "B" is the kind of girl who likes things familiar. Has always been scared of  trying new things. She has the same hairstyle as long as I can remember. Always wears the same colors, and is the last one to experiment with anything new. The only time she didn't listen to her head was when she fell in love. The guy broke up with her last week. She is still not over him.
 Ok! back to the fondue.
We were expecting something like this
All hot meltey gooey cheese to dribble and share....
google image

google image
But were served this instead....
 with cheese sauce on the side,
 And no fondue forks. No FORKS!!
No fondue dish, no little burning flame at the bottom.... these guys have sucked the joy right out of sharing a fondue *grumble grumble*
It still tasted good though.

"B" on the other hand, really enjoyed her sensible order of chicken with cashew nuts, which of course she haaad to share with the rest of us :)

After lunch we wandered down to the little bakery to take home some dessert.

In allegiance to "B", we decided to get this big fat Valentine's day cake, and pledged to slit the heart into tiny little pieces when we get home.
Time to grab some chick flicks and head home...

We kicked off our rain-drenched boots and entered my friend S’s home through the side entrance. No one was home and it was freezing cold. We lit up the fire toasting our hands, while"S" got us some plates and a STEAK knife.We kicked back on the floor and feasted on Rock Hudson, and of course...the sinful cake.
 A perfect end to a nearly perfect day.
I just adore Audrey Tautou...

"It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson
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12 Responses
  1. nayabloves Says:

    Ahh seems like such a lovely experience :) I love Zefra and Kitchen Cuisine's location, I think they're soo beautiful! I'm soo much like your friend B haha, its actually scary! Let's hope my boy doesn't break up with me soon :/ lol

  2. sahar awan Says:

    grt post i m fascinated... you have grt experiences...

  3. What a nice blog you have here. I'm also glad that I have upon your blog. I'm feeling so hungry just looking at these yummy food. I wanna try this food spot too.

    Thanks for dropping by and for following my blog. I'm a new follower.

    I hope we could connect some more soon. :-)

    Much love from Mystic Nymph

  4. Cheeky Chic Says:

    OOhh!! looking amazing and new food items to try. I am always IN for that. What's the location?

  5. @nayabloves:Let's hope not haha! :)I have yet to go to Zefra. Have heard good things about it.

    @Sahar Awan: Thak you sahar. You must check it oout on your next trip to Isb.

    @Mikimoto Angel: Thanks for stopping by. Yes the food is really good at this place. Just don't order the fondue like we did :)

    @It's in F-7. Behind Jinnah Super. Upstairs the Kitchen Cuisine bakery. Let me know your experience :)

  6. Wow what a fantastic day...
    I love the smell of fresh baked bread <3
    And cakes <3
    And scenery
    Awww bliss <3
    And cakes....i love baking so all this made me go :DDDDD

    Lovely blog :-)

  7. nice blog :) food looks great. follow me and Team Ramona! lol

  8. shahtaj Says:

    Everything looks so yum ;)I am a sucker for good food & company.Nice post.Rain,winter,fire & food ...all my fav stuff,you've made me nostalgic(lolz)
    Thanx for following "" :)

  9. @Gisell: Thank you so much.

    @shahtaj: You are a great cook. Love your recipes. Looking forward to reading more food posts from you.

  10. StreetChic Says:

    super cute post!! lovable pics!


  11. It's Lee Says:

    OMG! The cake is soo pretty! Also, I love your blog! It's super cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog and I hope we can follow each other. I am now following you so hopefully you will do the same? And definitely, if you want to get inspired for Spring, get a Vogue magazine.

  12. It was really a tasty tale :).. and yeah valentine cake looks awesomeee <3

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