Pandora`s Box
 Woke up today and just knew it was the perfect day for ice cream. Even the clouds gave a sign
So went on my way to my favorite haunt

I heard that The hot spot has opened up a new little branch in Saidpur village. How about we go there today and check it out?

It's not a long drive to saidpur, hardly five minutes from the main Margalla road here in Islamabad.
Beautiful day today...
Do click and zoom in to get the full effect of just how beautiful a day it really is
Saidpur is a village as old as the hills and is famed for it's beautiful old Mandir and Gurdwara that have been standing quietly for decades amdist the shade of old rubber plant trees.
Lets take a closer look

As breathtaking as these are, my nirvana lies in the quest of finding that little ice cream place. So lets go on towards the other side of the village where they have remodeled and all the eateries are located.

 Des Pardes nope...
The Polo lounge, nope...

The local earthenware. Check out the high heels on display. Top shelf near right :) Apparently the village belle prefer these instead of Cinderella's glass slippers...

Those are some beautiful old doors and windows. Wonder if they're for sale. As if I could afford 'em.

Oooh they have the famous Chatkhara of Lahore. They have some mouthwatering treats that they are famous for, but we'll save 'em for another day. We're on a serious ice cream finding mission. We must not let other temptations distract us.

Ohkaaay!! So I'm quite lost. It's not here where most of the restaurants are. A guy tells me we'll have to go back towards the hill where the two temples stand. (sounds like directions straight out of Arabian nights) Are you up for it? O come on! These people churn out the creamiest, most amazing handmade ice cream in town. You won't let a stair or two stand in the way now will you?

Emmm...did I say a stair or two?
Thankfully we don't have to take these.
Instead, we have to follow this path that leads to the maze like stairs that will lead us up the hill.

Up, Up we go...
 Finally.. A signboard telling us we're on the right path.. yes this disturbing signboard really has a skeleton on it. Don't let it bother you, The owners are in love with all things gory.
Let's take a breather shall we? And then we'll be on our way up again. I have a feeling we're quite near.
 I'm so thirsty, I could drink a barrel of water...

lets go, lets go, we're climbing up the last set of stairs I promise. I can see the signboard.

Finally! The pearly  rustic gates of heaven...

Yeah the owners have thing for Horror, cult classics and B class movies. In fact, they promote the old Lollywood style art and sell Tshirts and souvenirs.
 You must have worked up quite an appetite climbing up all those stairs. Hey! don't give me the evil eye. I didn't know okay! It's my first time here too.

Hold on a second!They just told me they only serve the sugar cones at their cafe in the city, and they're not available up here. Are you freaki'n kidding me??? Why couldn't they just put a sign down where the stairs start and write, "we don't have sugar cones here, so save your breath and turn back now". Sadists!! Well.. I know the cones aren't the only thing they're famous for, but I really wanted one. There were ice cream cone clouds up in the morning today for cryi'n out loud.
 Fine fine I'll just order a scoop of oreo mint and... salty butter pecan if it's not too much trouble plz. Mmmm.... delicious!!! So worth the climb.

Lets go find a seat outside...

How about this cozy lil nook hidden behind this bougainvillea?

 If I focus the camera,You can see a bit of Blue Area's skyline from up here...

Next time I'll take you with me to their cafe in the city. No stairs, and no nasty surprises I promise. It's inside a bus!